Since 2010, we have led the effort to permanently change Tahlequah for the good.  Tahlequah Recycling Inc. is a local, family-owned company, bringing our community to the next level.  What we do isn't fancy, it's very simple. We divert waste from the landfill.  We do this by providing containers to our customers, collecting the material regularly, and safely sorting it brokering it to industries that use the material to make another good or product.


Our Mission

“Changing the culture of waste”®


Materials Accepted

Please use this guide when deciding where to place your waste. When in doubt ask us.

 do                                                  Don't

  • Cardboard
  • Office Paper
  • Newspapers / Magazines / Mail
  • Aluminum / Steel Cans (rinsed)
    • Any Scrap Metal (under 2ft. long)
  • Plastics 1, 2, and 4 (clean) including plastic bags (bundled)
  • Plastic Milk Jugs, Water & Pop Bottles (rinsed)
  • Plastic Laundry Jugs (rinsed)
  • Batteries*
  • food contaminated trash
  • liquids
  • textiles (clothes / rags)
  • styrofoam (#6 plastic)
  • dirt / rocks
  • napkins / paper towels
  • yard / food waste



  • Diverted over 2,000 tons of trash from the landfill
  • Saved the City of Tahlequah and its residence over $70,000 in landfill dumping fees
  • Saved over 34,000 TREES
  • Saved over 14 Million Gallons of Water
  • Provide special event recycling to make your events more green
  • Created an easy & effective way for businesses and residence to recycle